S&dB will join Hectar Accelerator Program

S&dB will join the 7th cohort of the Hectar Accelerator Program in France.

S&dB is proud to be selected to join this prestiguous program in France. Just outside Paris, Hectar brings together agriculture, entrepreneurship and tech in a unique ecosystem. By combining the best of human ingenuity and innovation, Hectar seeks viable solutions through a three-pronged approach: modeling, innovating and transmitting, in order to deploy new agricultural models and new ways of organizing work.

Today, Hectar is at once: a pilot farm in mixed farming; entrepreneurial support programs dedicated to current and future farmers; a accelerator of European Agri and FoodTech startups; a venue for impact seminars geared towards businesses; an awareness-raising space for young people and students, from fork to plate; a farm studio to model the economic and social costs of the transition to regenerative agriculture.

S&dB will enter a new ecosystem and get exposed to new visions and insights, and collaborate with the specialists in the impressive network of Hectar. Our ambition is also to make use of the pilot-farm to share our vSET open-field cultivation method for regenerative farming with the Hectar ecosystem.

More information about Hectar:  https://en.hectar.co/