vSET, the way to future farming!

Sustainable farming , circularity, carbon storage, facing drought and drought stress, saving water and nutrients and improving yield. An endless list with demands, regulations and how it seems, wishful thinking statements from politics. For the agricultural industry, severe times with no clear and necessary solutions for better cultivation methods.

S&dB thinks in opportunities and has another approach. Therefore we did not only find a technical, but also an agronomical solution for all these demands with our vSET technology.

With our unique ‘planting concept’ of our proprietary vegetable seed tapes, we achieve an high level of precision farming.

Seeding inside - On our dedicated manufacturing line, we do the precision seeding of fine seeded vegetables on our tapes. During the seeding process, precision can be controlled and if necessary, adjustments can be made.

Planting outside - With the unique Seed Tape Planting Tool, we are able to accurately place the seed tapes in the farmland, at the right distance and depth under complete other circumstances than regular seeding methods.

This Tool is developed together with our partner Mechanisatiebedrijf Nanne Kooiman. The perfect start for uniform germination and growth is within hand reach.

Why waiting for dry circumstances and drought stress, while you can seed now on the right moment?

Because of the fact that our Tool is so light and working with the special patented placing disc, we can do the seeding already in conditions where the traditional and heavy tools are still not able to enter the land. We can do so because the planter could work in soil which was prepared last year and survived this extreme wet winter with a cover crop, and the soil which was prepared a month ago. With this approach you can save fuel, labor hours and soil live but also benefits in planning and logistics.

Early april we planted tapes with chicory seeds at a farmland from a farmer of our partner Sensus Agro. This farmland was still wet so the traditional seeders were unable to enter the land. As you can see in the picture, our Seed Tape Planting Tool could plant the tapes accurately through the cover crops.


vSET seed tapes are biobased and biodegradable, so fully contribute to a sustainable agriculture.

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