At the heart of S&dB's design approach is the aim to establish seed beds in a more efficient and effective way. Always in line with our manufacturing philosophy of creating added value by combining raw materials into new products with a higher value than its individual components.

Introducing our novel production methods to an industry hungry for innovation, we see many opportunities for addressing global issues like sustainable agriculture.

We believe that grower-friendly, crop-friendly, and environmental-friendly innovation is the key strategy to follow in the seed treatment market. A next step, combining our new technologies with existing seed enhancement methods like priming, pre-germination, film-coating, encrusting and plant breeding.

S&dB collaborates with like-minded partners to improve the establishment of agricultural crops and find effective solutions for sustainable food production.

The impossible
is often the untried.

Innovation founded
on proven process technology

  • Production facility in Nederweert (the Netherlands)
  • 2 Production lines for full scales production and demo trials