SET is a sustainable growing method that reduces stress on crops, especially during establishment. It accelerates plant growth to increase productivity with lower inputs.

Well known seed enhancement technologies, like priming, pelleting and coating, have their limitations.

The SET technology integrates the existing techniques in our new platform technology. The main benefits are;

  • SET creates seed space for seed enhancement opportunities
  • SET creates next level precision planting for (vegetable) seeds
    This offers further opportunities for robotizing and automatization of processes like weed control and water treatment
  • SET supports and improves early-stage germination and early plant growth
  • SET enables a consistent, cost-effective and sustainable growing method

Three concepts in the different stage of development.


Turning a niche
into the new norm

The impact of S&dB's SET platform technology on agricultural productivity cannot be overstated. S&dB has developed a proprietary plant Seed-Embedding Technology (SET) to guarantee an optimal germination environment for the whole seed spectrum.

Our SET platform technology reduces the effect of nature’s bio-stresses, boosts the seed vigor and guarantees uniform growing crops with a strong root foundation, even under challenging environmental conditions.

SET is a sustainable, green and user friendly technology that can be applied for various concepts and is easily scalable.

Grower-friendly, crop-friendly
and environmentally-friendly innovation