S&dB has a new investor to accelerate growth

S&dB B.V. (Nederweert, the Netherlands) has raised € 1.5 million financing to scale and accelerate the validation of its seed-enhancement platform technology in the coming period. The capital is provided by Brightlands Venture Partners and the new CEO.

Higher yields with lower inputs

S&dB developed a proprietary plant seed-embedding technology (SET) to guarantee an optimal germination environment for any type of plant seed; either in open field cultivation or for indoor farms. This technology combines seeds with bio-based and biodegradable raw materials to support and protect early plant growth. In an unique continuous production process all materials are combined to make either wide seed rolls or small seed tapes.

The company has currently two main product lines: grass seed rolls (gSET) and vegetable seed tapes.The two key target markets for vegetable seed tapes are hydroponics (hSET) and open field (vSET). The wide gSET grass seed rolls will be marketed into the retail channel first. For farmers and other growers the product portfolio of S&dB offers a sustainable growing method that lowers stress on crop establishment and accelerates plant growth to produce higher yields while reducing the use of water, fertilizers, pesticides and labour.

Gaining market traction with strong partners

The SET production line is fully operational. The company also has a pilot manufacturing line that will be used to prepare prototypes and small orders.

In the past year S&dB made good progress in its three target markets: gSET repeat sales were already made and S&dB is currently in the closing stage of signing a partnership with a retail party for a large scale rollout in Europe. S+dB has important running partnerships and programs with various global seed houses and at field facilities of Wageningen University & Research (program ‘Boerderij van de Toekomst”) to accelerate the validation of the vSET concept. Results of prototype tests in open field and gutter systems for indoor farms (hSET) indicate an attractive business case for farmers and other vegetable growers.

The management team of S&dB has been strengthened with seasoned entrepreneur Harmen Smid in the role of CEO. Together with founder Gerard Otten, Harmen will lead the company into the next stage.

Plans for growth

S&dB has now raised € 1.5 mln to scale and accelerate the validation of its technology platform in the coming period. After that a follow-up investment round is foreseen to accommodate international roll-out of the SET-platform. This investment will primarily be used to gain traction for the vegetable business cases and to further expand the organization.