(Open Field)

Our promising vSET-concept for open field cultivation is currently in the proof of concept phase. For this application we developed a total solution, which means that besides a seed tape, we also develop a planting tool, in partnership with a machine manufacturer.

The principle of our vSET-concept is that vegetable seeds will be precisely applied on our seed tape in our production facility. By use of a so-called Seed Tape Planting Tool, the seed tapes will be automatically and precisely planted in the soil. The main benefits; optimal germination conditions together with precision.

Climate change has a huge impact on open field farming. Together with upcoming legislation related to the use of agro-chemicals, the consumer need for more organic food, farmers are challenged to maintain the yield of their crops at a maximum level. Growers face environmental worries related to the high usage of pesticides, fertilizers & fresh water, degradation of arable land, combined with challenges such as labor shortages and extreme weather. The vSET open field technology will contribute to overcome some of these challenges.

We are currently field testing our vSET solution (patent pending) at WUR’s ‘Boerderij van de Toekomst’ (Farm of the Future), with promising intermediate results. In 2023 the vSET technology will be first tested at organic farmers in a test programme and at selected partners.

Scheme of our manufacturing process vSET


with vSET

  • Guaranteed higher crop yield
  • Strong plant growth in early stage
  • ‘Enormous’ seed space volume (bio-seed supporting products)
  • Pesticide-free, controllable fertilizer and water usage
  • High precision seed distribution; simple, inexpensive planting tool
  • Creates opportunities for further automation of the growth process, like robotization of weed control

Precision sowing and
early germination for higher quality and higher yield.