ECOstyle and S+dB go for long-term cooperation with unique sowing concept

ECOstyle and S+dB signed a multi-year cooperation agreement last week. In the coming years, ECOstyle will be launching an entirely new innovative product concept around grass seeds on an exclusive basis. The intention is to intensify cooperation in the near future with the expansion of new concepts and to work together in more countries.

The concept, gSET (Seed Embedding Technology), is a platform technology developed by S+dB in which seeds are applied in an industrialized process via a coating on a non-woven cloth. This creates a product that enables the consumer to lay or repair a lawn in a relatively simple and sustainable manner.

gSET is a concept based on the patented SET platform technology. This technology was initially developed for grass seeds and has since proven itself. In addition, development processes are underway with renowned parties and institutes, mainly aimed at applications with vegetable seeds, both in the open ground and in indoor farming.

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Harmen Smid (CEO S+dB): “For S+dB, the collaboration with a renowned party such as ECOstyle is a wonderful way to serve the consumer market with our unique technology. The ideas and
ambitions of ECOstyle are in perfect harmony with the properties and objectives of our technology. By collaborating with ECOstyle, we can further expand and professionalize our operational processes and make use of ECOstyle’s expertise in the field of retail marketing. The knowledge we gain will also give our other processes a huge boost and take S+dB into the next phase.”

Martine Olijslagers-Kuip (CEO Eurostyle, the parent company of ECOstyle): “The partnership with S+dB fits in well with our mission. We want to make ecological gardening the norm, accessible to everyone. The technological concept of S+dB offers an easy and sustainable alternative to grass seeds and turf rolls. We are convinced that this will add a great concept to our total portfolio.”

About ecostyle

Those who want a better world must take the initiative themselves. That is where the basis of ECOstyle lies, with which it started 55 years ago, in 1967. Restoring and preserving the natural balance of soil and plants, ECOstyle has been doing that with verve all these years. With 100% natural products for the garden and for indoor plants. ECOstyle has been successful in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark for years.


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